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Es un curso que esta destinado a profundizar en el Ayurveda, para que puedas usar esta Medicina como herramienta primero de auto curación y luego de sanación a otros.

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Integral Ayurveda

Learn to take care of your health with natural, non-harmful and economic tools.

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Generate awareness
when eating

The purpose of the treatment is to help and guide the person to have a connection with their body and environment in a more conscious way.

Educate your mind

Personalized nutritional treatment

Medical care online in Ayurvedic medicine and nutrition, through video calls.

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Medicine, Ayurveda & Nutrition
Why choose me

Maria Florencia D'Antonio is a Doctor Graduated from UNLP. Master's Degree in Nutrition from UNLP and a Postdegree in Ayurvedic Medicine in Kerala, India

"Ayurveda me sana" emerged from the need to offer warm, holistic and comprehensive care, along with natural and non-harmful treatments. I offer natural and non-harmful treatments, because there is no greater healing power than the universal force of nature.

Ayurvedic Medicine is an invitation to get to know each other. As a result, it provides tools and information about what is healthy for the body and mind, to cultivate self-love.

Our bases

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Medical follow-up plan

Ayurvedic Medicine and Nutrition, designs a therapeutic plan according to the constitution MIND-BODY of the patient, and in relation to the illness that afflicts it. A variety of natural tools are used to improve the state of health, through changes in lifestyle:

Healthy food

Foods influence the body and thoughts. Our sessions include personalized nutritional treatment.


Ayurveda values the flavors of food, which can balance or unbalance, in relation to the body-mind constitution.

Medicinal plants

Medicinal plants could be prescribed, with corresponding administration form, type of preparation and forms of preparation.

Physical activity

To improve the state of health is necessary to correct imbalances in the body, posture and breathing.


The purpose of the treatment is to help and guide the person to have a connection with their body and environment in a more conscious way.

Mental harmony

Ayurveda recognizes the role played by emotions and the mind in the health-disease process.

Video Presentation

Brief explanation of my way of working. If you are interested in knowing more, you can request information via email.

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portada alimentacion ayurvedica


When the feeding is good, the medicine is not necessary.


  • Días

    Mon-Fri: 7 am - 6 pm

  • Time

    1 to 2 hours / session

  • Mode


They are personalized sessions by video calls

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  • Session cost (Argentine)

    $ 1000 (Argentine pesos) o 1200 (Mercado Pago)

  • Session cost (foreigners)

    € 30 - 40 USD

  • Way to pay

    bank transfer / Paypal or Mercado Pago

Patient Testimonials

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I offer you a natural and healthy treatment that adjusts to YOUR possibilities and to YOUR MIND-BODY constitution. Save your shift, pay the fees, and then date and time will be set.

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