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médica ayurveda
médica ayurveda
médica ayurveda
médica ayurveda

My passion
Medical Ayurveda

My name is Maria Florencia D'Antonio, I am 31 years old and as a child, I always knew that medicine was the profession to which I wanted to dedicate myself.

Within the area of ​​health, there was always in me the idea that diseases could not always be solved with drugs, and that other treatments were necessary.

Ayurveda Medicine, a specialty in which I have been training for 5 years, came to me in an almost magical way.

With this new tool that came to my life, my goal is to help those who so require, to travel the "Way of Life" with greater vitality and happiness.

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My formation

Dr. Maria Florencia D'Antonio

Medical, Nutritionist & Medical Ayurveda

I believe indispensable, when working with PEOPLE, a previous and constant personal review, to be able to help others, from a place of self-knowledge.

In relation to my growth and personal development, I have delved into Astrology, Vipassana Meditation, Reiki, Ho'ponopono Technique, Master Plants, Breathwork, Family Constellations, Akashic Records and treatment with Bach Flowers. In addition, I have also nurtured Buddhist texts.

Next, he detailed my formal studies:

  • Doctor graduated from UNLP
  • Master in Nutrition from UNLP
  • Postdegree in Ayurvedic Medicine in Fundacion Ayurveda Prema
  • Postdegree in Phitotherapy in Fundación Ayurveda Prema
  • Postdegree in Ayurvedic Medicine in Kerala, India

The most efficient way to have good health is to take care of nutrition.

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médica ayurvédica

ayurveda treatments


The purpose of the treatment is to help and guide the person to have a connection with their body and environment in a more conscious way, and to discover the wonderful thing of self-managing their health.

At present, i took care of Ayurvedic Medicine and Nutritional Therapy with a duration of 2 hours in each session. My way of working is as follows: Online remote sessions through video calls.

More about Medical Consultations

My Goals and Objectives

  • Provide a service of Integrative, Ayurvedic and Nutrition Medicine in person and at a distance, with the aim of helping people, whether healthy or sick, to recover or improve their health status, with non-invasive, non-harmful and low-cost treatments.
  • Teach effective tools in relation to food, physical activity and mental harmony, so that the person can self-manage their own health, and to be directly responsible for their own welfare.
  • Be reliable and committed to the health of people, providing ancestral therapeutic tools of Ayurvedic Medicine, adapted to the environment of each person, and the Western community.
  • Generate new lifestyles in our patients, through the positive changes they experience.
  • Raise the awareness state of our patients, through new life habits
  • Generate environmental and health awareness in our patients.
  • Make a positive contribution in Argentina, South America and in the world, about beneficial health practices for individuals and the ecosystem
  • Cultivate peace for a better world


  • Días

    Mon-Fri: 7 am - 6 pm

  • Time

    1 to 2 hours / session

  • Mode


They are personalized sessions by video calls

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  • Session cost (Argentine)

    $ 1000 (Argentine pesos) o 1200 (Mercado Pago)

  • Session cost (foreigners)

    € 30 - 40 USD

  • Way to pay

    bank transfer / Paypal or Mercado Pago

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