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Natural treatment to relieve symptoms of endometriosis

Endometriosis is a woman's disease, and usually manifests with severe pain and menstrual bleeding. What happens in this disease is that the tissue inside the uterus migrates outside the uterus and "sticks" in other organs, usually in the pelvis, causing many annoying symptoms in general, and it is usually a cause of infertility. Western medicine usually offers, in this disease, surgical treatments.

So, I am going to comment on the possibilities of resolving the symptomatology through feeding and understanding the disease in a more holistic way.

This disease is related to estrogens, which are female hormones, which has been seen in these patients are increased along with other molecules called Eicosanoids.

There are foods that contain estrogens such as dairy products and cheeses. These foods are naturally loaded with hormones. When they are biological or organic they are better, since it is assumed that the animal does not receive hormonal treatments or antibiotics. In addition, to be organic they should be animals that grazed, that did not eat grains and therefore were not in contact with pesticides.

On the other hand, meats have omega 6 fatty acids. These omega 6 are estrogen precursors. In turn, the omega 6 can be of different quality, since the animal that pasture will have these fatty acids more "beningnos" than those present in the fat of feed lot animals that consumed grains. So, it is very important, if you want to consume meat, acquire one that has been raised free, eating pastures.

Also those foods with trans fats, such as margarines, cookies and industrial pastries, are harmful to the body. These fats are not natural, they were created with the aim of making food more durable, and not to use saturated fats. This is another reason why trans fats were "invented", because at that time, when they were created, the negative effect of saturated fats in the cardio vascular system began to be known.

Luckily, after talking about so many foods that are not favorable for endometriosis, there are foods that can regulate estrogen levels, such as cruciferas: brussels cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, turnip, swede.

On the other hand, the essential fatty acids that are present in seeds such as flax and chia, and in nuts, are very suitable to regulate the inflammatory substances of our body, and to diminish precisely those that are pro-inflammatory. In addition, foods that are obtained by fermenting soy, such as tofu, tempeh, miso and soy sauce consumed regularly, may benefit women with endometriosis. These foods are loaded with healthy phytoestrogens, with mild estrogenic activity. It is advisable to use these products as organic as possible. And finally, it is very important to increase the consumption of fiber in the diet: fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains.

What can be done in case of pain?
A compress with castor oil can be applied to the lower abdomen to relieve pain.

What emotional issues are involved in endometriosis?
It is important to bear in mind that in the development of diseases, the relationship between the thought-emotion and the immune system is usually involved. So, you have to understand that those negative thoughts, generate negative emotions that weaken our immune system, and make us more prone to get sick. With regard to endometriosis, antibodies have been found in women with this disease. They are self-antibodies, since they aim to attack their own organs. This on an emotional level could be understood as being something of themselves that is being rejected.

This disease is related to emotional situations in which the woman denies her most intimate needs because the external world expects something else from her. There is a kind of COMPETENCE between what is wanted and what should be. In fact, this disease has become more common with modernity, where women have been changing their role and their family role, but in a society and in a human conscience where there are still vestiges of a "macho" thought. By this I mean that, unconsciously, we carry thousands of years of history of thought related to the masculine energy of logic, reason, speculation. This thought has to do with the figure of a woman seen from a place of weakness, of incapacity, of image related to the sexual.
Clearly, this has been changing and changing, and women today and today take a role of professional, mother, but in turn a worker, a protector of their children, but a business leader, a loving mother and also of professional reference. What is more difficult to modify is our consciousness, making the unconscious conscious, then socially these changes are real, but within the humanitarian consciousness there is still the woman's thought "serves only for the kitchen" and so on.

On the other hand, there are many more women demonstrating, for example in relation to legal abortion, but often this manifestation is done with a masculine energy, of aggression, of violence, because it is clearly the energy with which humanity has manifested mostly. Despite the fact that there is a change in consciousness, becoming more "feminine", with a greater interest in ecology and the environment, a greater respect towards animals and other species, for a greater use of intuition, even , deep inside, we carry this information and this thought.

These thoughts must be brought to light, put in evidence so that the unconscious becomes conscious, and from there, from love, and from the use of our feminine energy, heal our relationship with our own body and with our femininity.


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