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Natural treatments for intestinal diseases and Cancer

Today I am going to present you a very interesting family of vegetables and vegetables, called crucifers. It is the set of cabbages, brussels sprouts, cabbages, broccoli, cauliflower, among others.


The hidden value

Do you want to know why I rescue this type of vegetable in particular? Because in addition to their nutritional contribution, they have the addition of phytochemicals that act as true drugs in the body, through which certain diseases can be cured and symptoms improved. The phytochemicals of the cruciferous family are called glucosinolates, such as Indoles and Sulforaphane, which give odor and flavor so particular to the cruciferous ones. And these are the two that provide the anti-cancer properties, because when you are about to eat broccoli, cauliflower or cabbage, chewing and also cutting the knife, an enzyme is activated that produces, from these 2 substances, Isothiocyanates which are the true anticancer agents.

How do these anticancer agents help?

What they do is promote the immune system through the activation of natural killer cells. They also prevent the cells from becoming malignant, and regulate certain types of hormones -such as estrogens-, so they are very effective in gynecological cancers (breast, ovarian and endometrial). At the same time they are antioxidants because they have pro vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and selenium, activate the antioxidant system, which are good debuggers of the system.

There are many studies that evaluate its effectiveness in the prevention of tumors, such as cancers of the oral cavity, lung, stew, stomach, colon, breast, ovarian, prostate and bladder. It is believed that the regular consumption (of three times a week to once a day), of any crucifer, decreases the risk of suffering from these types of tumors.

More valuable properties of the cruciferous

  • The cauliflower generates better digestibility, is used as a digestive tonic, regulates intestinal transit, which is viable for constipation and diarrhea.
  • They have a lot of potassium and are low in sodium, in addition to low amounts of fat, so it is very good in cardiovascular diseases, hypertensive patients and arteriosclerosis.
  • They are also mild diuretics, help the production of urine and also helps to eliminate urea, so they could be used in renal infections such as kidney failure, gout and kidney stones.
  • In obesity and diabetes are also advised, by the low contribution of calories they provide (28 kilocalories per 100 grams), with low amounts of fat and also because they are vegetables that produce satiety.

How to consume it?

In relation to the form of consumption, it is advisable to cook them raw or steamed. If it is boiled it is advisable to reuse the water for broth, since 2/3 of these phytochemicals go with the cooking water. A very interesting way to consume them is fermented, as in the case of sauerkraut and kefir.

Caring for your health through healthy eating is the best way to prevent it. Do not delay your health, start today to choose what you eat. I give you a beautiful phrase from a teacher.

Today I have been lucky, I have awakened and I am alive. I have a valuable life and I will not waste it.

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