Ayurveda Recipes

Cured vegan cheeses

We leave the dry fruit we will use to make the cheese to soak. Each dried fruit needs different soaking time, but roughly it can be left for 10 to 12 hours

Then, we remove the water, and place the nuts in a blender. We will liquefy until a homogenous mixture is formed and without lumps. Add water, but remember that if you add a lot, the mixture will be too liquid and will not give us the desired consistency

To the mix, we have to add a fermentation initiator: we can use the REJUVELAC. It mixes well

We pass the dough to a porous filter cloth. We put it in a colander, over a bowl, with a weight on it and let it rest for 24 hours. What will happen is that the cheese will release the excess water. In addition, we will make the cheese ferment for 1 day.

We add the condiments that we want. Place the dough in a mold with baking paper and a little oil. Fill the mold with the dough (you should use a round mold that will shape the cheese)

We leave the cheese drying in a warm place, watching that no flies enter. Always covered with a porous fabric. It can be left between 7 to 21 days

Then we leave the cheese in the fridge and enjoy it as long as we want!

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