Ayurveda Recipes

Vegan milk

These milks are an excellent option to replace cow's milk. For Ayurveda, milk is a satvical food (it nourishes the body and the mind), but many times the milk that we can get are products with added hormones and antibiotics, associated with a probable animal mistreatment, so it stops being a food with satvical qualities. If we have the possibility of obtaining dairy products that have not been altered, they are a food that for Ayurveda, it is very appropriate to consume.

Canary seed milk

Place between 10 to 12 tablespoons of birdseed soaking. Leave with water throughout the night. The next morning, rinse and thoroughly wash the seeds of birdseed. After cleaning them well, place the seeds in a blender, and add about 1 liter of water. Blend until the seeds are well blended. The preparation will have a whitish color similar to that of milk, a little lighter. Then, the preparation must be filtered and the supernatant is discarded.

This milk can be eaten alone or with fruits in the form of smoothies. It is delicious, economical and healthy! I recommend that you try it! Mucha suerte!


Almonds milk

Between 10 to 15 almonds are soaked throughout the night. The next day, they are washed and can be peeled (according to individual taste). Then they are placed in a blender with 1 liter of water, liquefied until the almonds are well ground. Then you must strain and remove the supernatant ... and ready to enjoy fruit or alone. It is delicious.


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