My experience in India

Trip to India

I love to travel and discover new cultures. My encounter with India was dreamed!

For many years I worked in Western and modern medicine (of which I am very grateful, because today I can work with my project and entrepreneurship AYURVEDA ME SANA, of which I am the founder). And very conscientiously, I choose every day and 100% to dedicate myself to Ayurvedic Medicine and Nutrition.

I want to share with you one of the experiences and learnings I had in India, at the Bodytree Hospital, in Kallar, Kerala. This Hospital is located on the banks of a river in a beautiful and very quiet area. It is built with materials that are friendly to the ecosystem. In this institution they provide free services to people who are indigenous to the region, and propose 4 basic patterns of habit changes that are the genesis of diseases. The professionals work with the patients, with the full conviction that, by bringing these simple daily guidelines to consciousness, the state of health can be recovered.

The longest walk begins with one simple step.

viaje a india
viaje a india
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Ayurveda, medicina en India

My step in India
I have been living in India for 7 months, not being a tourist, but becoming part of the culture, language, and the teachings of Ayurveda. I could tell you a lot of storys about the food, the dressing, the language and culture. With this image i want to say thanks to all the friends i have made in this journey. Thanks for the beautifull moments. Despite the differences in language and culture, you all make me feel like home. Soon blog of journeys, for thopse who like to know about different cultures.
Knowing Buddhism
I was lucky enough to meet and spend time with Tibetan Buddhist monks. It was a very nice experience,they are super nice people, generous, always smiling and genuine. Currently and since 1950, Tibet has been invaded by China, forcing many Tibetans to flee through the Himalayas. Most have gone to India. Many have gone to Nepal. Tibetans can not return to their country. They left their culture their family their place. It was a forced uprooting. The Chinese government has destroyed temples schools to erase the Buddhist religion in Tibet.The Tibetans I have met maintain their joy and happiness, despite the painful situation they have lived and are living. For more love!
My approach to Ayurveda
The first time I recognized that I could not continue working in medical emergencies, it was while i was looking at a patient (a patient who only wanted prescriptions). My body was tense. I really wanted to grab my things and leave. I was tired of fatigue, of not sleeping, of the violence that exists in hospitals, of unjustified prescriptions, of medicines. There become aware, I said to myself: "You can not continue with this, with something you no longer believe in, nor in this way, without sleeping, but while you are doing it, do it with Love". It was at the opportune moment that I discovered Ayurveda medicine. Ayurveda, proposes to raise the consciousness of people, from food, yoga and meditation, and recognizes the role played by emotions and the mind in the health-disease process.
Yoga & Ayurveda
Yoga and Ayurveda originated from the practices of the ADIVASES; the Indians of India. The Sanskrit word "Adi" means first nation, original people, first people. Adi Yoga and Adi Ayurveda refers to preserving and promoting the knowledge of the Indigenous population of India, and the most effective habits to have and maintain an optimal state of health. Adi Yoga and Adi Ayurveda consider that optimal health can be obtained with the balance between physical structure, posture, breathing and nutrition. A correct balance in the posture can only be obtained if there is a balance in the structure. The balance in the structure can be obtained if there is balance in the breathing. The balance in breathing is obtained when the body fluids and hemoglobin are in balance and are sufficient.
Adi Yoga and Adi Ayurveda aims to create harmony in the body by correcting imbalances in the body, posture, breathing and nutrition. Among the experiences I had in India, one of them was to study in the Bodytree Hospital, dedicated to the care of indigenous peoples and indigenous people of India. The attentions are free and the atmosphere exudes a great love. In the hands of Dr Nayajiv, I learned the basics of Adi Ayurveda and Adi Yoga that I want to share with you. In the Bodytree Hospital they call it One day school on health ("a day of school for health"), since the community of the area is taught the most basic habits and care to maintain a balance and an optimal state of health. What is taught that day of School for Health, is what was exposed in the file below at this pdf: Download the PDF.

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